Construction Requirements by the Department of Building (DOB)


When you are a property owner in New York City, it is important that you follow the construction requirements set by the Department of Building (DOB) before you go ahead and construct any building. Before beginning the project, assessing the feasibility of the project as well as the overall expected outcome is a given. There is information that must be taken into account as well to assist in the management of project responsibilities, reduction of future risks, and enforcement of proper actions, and penalties.

Pre-approval of Project

It is the pre-approval of projects that can help owners understand the manage project responsibilities. Moreover, it will help not only the owners but the design professionals and the contractors as well. For the owners, he or she must engage a registered design professional for the completion of the project work scope. Moreover, the design professional can help with completing construction documents according to the project requirements.

The owner should never start the project without getting a Registered Design Professional who will be responsible for overseeing the compliance with the Zoning, Code, and other regulations. Otherwise, some important steps may accidentally be overlooked during construction. That will eventually lead to schedule delays and more expenses.

Scope and Budget

The building owner or the project delivery is tasked to outline the scope of work. Moreover, they also have to create a budget estimate for the entire project. The best way for them to be able to do the task correctly is to ask for the help of a design professional. The owner can also ask for the assistance of their contractors too.

Design Consultation

There may be some issues that pop up when it comes to the design. Consulting a registered design professional about it is a must. From the beginning to the end, the owner and design professional must work together to finalize the detailed project work scope. If the designer or engineer doesn’t properly plan out the project, you might suffer from a citation and you will need to get a violation removal to help bring the project back to life.

Design and Pre-Construction

During the pre-construction phase, the owner must understand the NYC Construction Codes clearly. If there are other regulatory requirements that an owner has to follow when going through with the construction project, the owner must make sure to be familiar with them. Being familiar with the regulatory requirements is necessary, especially when considering the scope of the project.

Project Plans

The registered design professional shall prepare and finalize the project plans. However, the professional shouldn’t go through the entire preparations alone. While local NYC companies like LL Engineering PC are extremely qualified, the owner should periodically review the project plan too.


The owners or developers, as well as the registered design professionals, must work together in determining the effort level required for complying with the construction requirements. On the other hand, the contractors or the sub-contractors can help with determining accurately the relevant project-related costs for their bids.

Completion and Close-Out

The project doesn’t end as soon as the contractors complete the work. It is the job of the building owner to ensure that the design professionals and contractors have already engaged with the Department as well as the SIAs to ensure that the completion of the necessary inspections is carried out promptly. These two professionals are the ones who shall obtain the required sign-offs for the completed work. Once they have acquired those documents, a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion can be obtained for project close-out.

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion is a documentation issued for most repair projects, construction equipment projects, and some renovation projects. To get the Certificate of Completion, there needs to be a final inspection sign-off. The said sign-off will include submission of required documentation, tests, inspections, and the likes.

Certificate of Occupancy

This is a document issued for Alteration projects and New Building projects. There are only two conditions required for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. First, all the related permit sign-offs must be obtained. Second, a final inspection has to be done by the Department, and the latter should found the construction acceptable.

These are just some of the important requirements that must be carried out by the owner when it comes to construction projects. If you are interested in construction works, then you have to make sure that you follow the construction requirements set by the Department of Building. Otherwise, you will certainly receive violations that are far more expensive to resolve than when you comply with the regulations right from the get-go.